Britain’s runaway Prince Harry reveals endless royal revelations….

Britain’s runaway Prince Harry reveals endless royal revelations “uncle = involvement in minor sex crimes”

Prince Harry

Britain’s Prince Harry has revealed the royal secret.

According to foreign media reports on the 8th, Prince Harry published the scandal of his uncle Prince Andrew in his autobiography. Prince Andrew was involved in the case of Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire who was a minor sexual exploiter, and his co-conspirator, Gillane Maxwell.

Prince Harry said, “No one in the royal family has lifted Andrew’s security despite his involvement in a shameful scandal involving sexual abuse of a young woman. People may have a lot of complaints about my family, but there are no sex crimes,” he complained.

Prince Harry drew attention by marrying Meghan Markle, a black mixed-race American who starred in the American drama “Suits,” not the royal family. The couple, who have two children, officially gained independence from the British royal family in early 2020.

Since then, Prince Harry`s has continued to expose his grandmother Queen Elizabeth and his brother Prince William, saying his family has not been protected by the royal family. Through media interviews and autobiographies, he has been making relentless moves every day, mentioning issues such as racism in the royal family.

In particular, he said, “Prince William cursed Meghan Markle as ‘difficult, rude and insulting’. I was physically attacked. “The royal family was already supporting their brother Prince William and Kate Middleton, so my father said he couldn’t support our family financially,” he said, causing a stir.

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