Brave Girls is discussing the name of the team for Warner

Brave Girls is discussing the name of the team for Warner Music a four-member group

Brave Girls

The group Brave Girls has signed an exclusive contract with Warner Music Korea and will continue its four-member activities.

Warner Music Korea announced on the 27th that it has signed an exclusive contract with all members of Brave Girls.

Warner Music Korea said, “We worked together with the members with the top priority on activities as a whole.” “We will provide full support for our activities,” he said. In addition, the team name announced the start of the second act of the Brave Girls, saying, “We are discussing it from various angles.”

Brave Girls, which debuted in 2011, has been active with various albums such as “Change,” “High Heels,” “Yuhu (We Still Summer)” and “We Ride,” among which “Rollin,” released in 2017, succeeded in reversing in 2021, and has reigned as a new “Summer Queen.”

Brave Girls swept the top of various music charts with “Rollin,” and at the same time, “Just Drive” released in 2020 was also drawing attention, completing the reverse driving myth. After that, “Chi Mat Ba Ram,” “Drinking habits (after only driving),” “Thank you.” It showed various charms at the same time by releasing a series of lanterns. In addition, Brave Girls proved the synergy of the entire group through Mnet’s “Queendom 2.”

With Brave Girls, who had been active since the reverse driving, temporarily suspended their activities after the expiration of their exclusive contract in February, the newly signed full contract with Warner Music Korea is raising expectations and welcome from global fans.

Meanwhile, Brave Girls will continue their full activities with the full support of Warner Music Korea

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