BLACKPINK JISOO beautiful legs in Madrid

BLACKPINK JISOO beautiful legs in Madrid


Girl group BLACKPINK member Jisoo (real name Kim Ji-soo, 27) showed off her superior leg shape.

On the 15th, Jisoo tagged a luxury brand on Instagram, saying, “Love,” and posted several photos.

The location tag is Madrid. In the picture, Ji-Soo is wearing a black off-shoulder mini-dress, leaning against the railing and posing elegantly.

It is a scene where she looks sideways with her hair tied back, and Jisoo’s colorful accessories make her unique goddess beauty stand out.

In the photo taken while standing by the window, Ji-soo’s extraordinary body, such as his narrow waistline and elegant collarbone line, is as surprising as the doll.

Meanwhile, Jisoo has starred in JTBC’s “Snowdrop,” a comprehensive programming channel. 안전놀이터

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