BLACKPINK JENNIE, a real dream car designed by herself

BLACKPINK JENNIE, a real dream car designed by herself


BLACKPINK JENNIE was impressed by the car she designed herself.

On the 24th, JENNIE’s YouTube channel “Jennie Rubyjane Official” posted a video titled “Jennie X Sonderwunsch vlog.”

In the video, Jenny couldn’t stop admiring the car she designed herself.

In the middle of the studio surrounded by black cloth, there was a covered car. JENNIE, who saw the actual vehicle after the curtain was lifted, screamed happily and even took a picture to commemorate.

JENNIE’s hand-designed vehicle was filled with his hands. JENNIE Rubyjane and NINI imprints and cloud-shaped paintings made Jenny feel her own emotions.

JENNIE, who saw it in person, said, “It’s very pretty. I’ve been preparing since last year, but I think it’s very special when I see it in person, but I really like it. The inside and details are all the details that I want. It was a very meaningful moment,” he said.

Meanwhile, Zonderbunsch is a German word for “individual wish,” and is a concept car for only one person provided by the world-class Porsche. 안전공원

In other words, the Porsche Thai Khan, where Jenny directly participated in the design, is the only vehicle in the world.

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