Black Pink as a whole, perfect visual!!!!

Black Pink as a whole, perfect visual!!!!.

Black Pink

The entire BLACKPINK group gathered.

On Monday, Rosé posted several photos on her Instagram with an “♡♡♡♡” emoticon.

The picture shows a complete BLACK PINK group of Rose, Jisoo, Jenny and Lisa.

As the members gathered together, which was difficult to gather due to their individual activities, the beauty index quadrupled with joy.

Rosé showed off her lively charm with blonde pigtails, and Jisoo showed off her elegant charm with her ample perm hair.

Jenny showed her cuteness with her cute cheeks, and Lisa still drew attention with her model-like charisma.

BLACKPINK’s visual, where a pretty girl is literally next to a pretty girl, fans cheered for her with comments such as “So pretty,” “Queens,” “So cute,” “4ever,” and “I love you BLACKPINK.”안전놀이터

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s fifth-anniversary film “The Movie” ranked second on average on the first day of its release in the U.S.


It has earned nearly $5 million (as of August 19) so far, achieving sixth place in the box office.

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