Big and fast Volkswagen Ateon R shooting brake.

Big and fast Volkswagen Ateon R shooting brake.

Ateon R

Atheon Estate (or want to be called a shooting brake) is large and stylish. As a basic form, I have been extracting from Pasat Estate. It’s a car that I want to spend a lot of time with.

The body color, the posture of the car, and the attached 20-inch alloy wheel show that it is Atheon R. In the UK, 19-inch wheels run by default. If you have to guess what this means, of course you can think of it as a large, fast Volkswagen. It is a car equipped with a tuning version EA888 engine from Golf R, a dual clutch automatic transmission, and a four-wheel drive system.

What I guessed is exactly right. Basically, the same powertrain was adopted. It is a seven-speed DSG transmission with 316 horsepower. Although the torque transmitted backward does not exceed 50%, 100% of the torque directed backward is distributed to individual wheels. In particular, it can be approached more stably and more dynamically in the process of leaving the corner. Anyway, to some extent.

The interior of Atheon R has several highlights that make you feel sporty. It includes carbon-like inserts, blue stitching, and tightening sheet trims. And if you use your own driving mode in the touch screen infotainment system, you can create a total of 15 damper states. That’s true. There are too many.

However, this wagon is a very practical car. The driving position is smart and can be widely adjusted. It’s not as bad as the latest golf. And this car is big. There is a 565L trunk space with the back seat on it. Folding the sheet increases the loading space to 1,600L. It’s less than Pasat (650/1780), but it’s a little cooler.

The Ateon R Shooting Brake adapted well to the general road. It would be better for an 18-inch wheel, an overseas standard, but we, the British, like large-sized alloy wheels. Even though it has a terrible road. If you have to hold the steering wheel all day, it would be better to be less noisy and comfortable, and to have adequate weight and responsive control.

A hard ride also affects handling. Unlike Ford and Renault, which are the most sporty, Volkswagen pursues safe, accessible, and uncomfortable dynamics. Just like when Golf GTI took off the back seat and was hanging around the Nurburg ring. Therefore, I couldn’t even imagine that the 4.9m-long Estate would do the same. But it’s pretty good. The steering of the Atheon R shooting brake is accurate and sharp. Reminds us that the grip and traction are good enough to be moved. The four-motion system can notice more prominently when running fast. There is no slipping and no disruption. There is no quick and dramatic response. You can feel quite the fun of driving while proceeding Overall, this is the case for most.안전공원

It feels good enough to ride in everyday life. You can also buy this car instead of Golf R Estate. It boasts a wider loading space and a wider two-row space. In addition, the exterior looks better.

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