Benz GLC year change and boomer sound are falling out.

Benz GLC year change and boomer sound are falling out.

Benz GLC

The domestic specifications of Benz 2022 GLC have been unveiled. According to related industries, 2022 GLC has deleted wireless charging and hands-free access functions of smartphones due to supply and demand difficulties of semiconductors. The high-performance AMG lineup even lost the boomer sound. The 360-degree surround view and air cleaning system have been changed to basic.

The 2022 GLC is basically equipped with a keyless go and air cleaning package that allows you to open and close with a door handle with a smart key. The air cleaning package is a technology specially developed for the Korean and Chinese markets, and it always monitors the concentration of ultrafine dust inside and outside the vehicle to keep indoor air comfortable.

The 2022 GLC 220d 4MATIC and 220d 4MATIC coupe, 3004MATIC and coupe, 300e 4MATIC and coupe have added parking packages with 360-degree surround views and parking assistance. The 300e has an AMG line exterior and interior package, a 19-inch AMG wheel, and a ventilation sheet for the 300e coupe.안전놀이터

The 2022 AMG GLC 434MATIC and Coupe have been changed to the existing optional AMG variable performance exhaust system. All 2022 GLC lineups have deleted smartphone wireless charging systems and hands-free access functions. Hands-free access is a function of opening and closing the trunk with kick motion.

GLC 3004MATIC, AMG GLC 434MATIC and Coupe, and AMG GLC 63S 4MATIC+ Coupe even deleted the Boomester Surround System. AMG GLC 63S 4MATIC+ Coupe has been changed to a 21-inch AMG 5-spoke matte black wheel, and 22MY production is being delayed due to supply and demand difficulties in semiconductors.

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