Battleground Mobile India Launches iOS Version

Battleground Mobile India Launches iOS Version of Google Player


“Battleground Mobile India,” which surpassed 50 million cumulative downloads from Google Play’s single market 44 days after its launch, has released an iOS version.

Krafton announced on the 18th that it has released an iOS version of “BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA” in India.

Krafton first introduced “Battleground Mobile India” to India on July 2.

“Battleground Mobile India” recorded 34 million cumulative users within a week of its release and surpassed 50 million cumulative downloads within 44 days of its release.

It has continued to gain popularity from the beginning, with a maximum number of 16 million users per day and 2.4 million simultaneous users per day.안전놀이터

Meanwhile, “Battleground Mobile India 2021,” the first e-sports competition of “Battleground Mobile India,” announced in July, is heated for the preliminary round.

More than 540,000 participants have applied so far for the preliminary round, the first step toward a total prize of 10 million rupees.

Among them, 1,024 teams will play one more online qualifiers, and 16 teams will eventually advance to the Grand Finals at the end of this year.

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