Babe Ruth’s record, Otani, MLB’s new history

Babe Ruth’s record, Otani, MLB’s new history…100K + double-digit home runs in one season


Shohei Otani (27, LA Angels) has surpassed Babe Ruth, the “God of Baseball.” Major League Baseball (MLB) has been writing a new history day after day. 파워볼사이트

Otani started as a starter against the Colorado Rockies on the 27th (Korea time) and pitched five hits (home runs 1) in seven innings to win his fifth win of the season. The batter had one hit and one RBI in four at-bats.

The Angels beat Colorado 6-2 in Otani’s performance over Tutta. Otani’s ERA went down to 3.04.

Above all, Otani added five strikeouts and filled 100 strikeouts for the season. This is the first three-digit strikeout since joining the MLB in 2018. The previous record was 63 strikeouts in 51 milligrams in his first year since his debut.

Unlike the National League (NL), the American League (AL) uses the designated hitter system, but this has happened since 1973. Previously, like the NL, pitchers were all at bat. Among them are pitchers who have shown threatening blows such as the current Jack Greinke (Huston Astros) and Jacob DeGrom (New York Mets).

Wes Ferrell, who played for Cleveland, Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees from 1927 to 1941, is a representative player. Ferrell, who has been a starter throughout his career, has six seasons in which he has started more than 37 games. As a batter, he has played more than 100 at-bats in seven seasons.

In particular, 1931 is the year that Ferrell played both well. He pitched in a total of 40 games (35 starts) and recorded 22 wins (12 losses) with 276 innings. He struck out 123 in total. In the meantime, he also had a remarkable batting average of .319 (37 hits in 116 at-bats), nine home runs, and 30 RBIs (OPS) and 0.994 batting average (on-base plus slugging average).

Ferrell’s nine home runs have remained the record of “the most homers by pitchers who have struck out more than 100 times in a single season.” Of course, it was until Otani “awakened” as a true Lee Do-ryu player this season.

Babe Ruth struck out more than 100 in 1915-1917 when he was committed to pitching. He pitched 867이니 innings during these three seasons. In particular, he played more than 320 innings in 1916 and 1917. He hit only nine home runs in three years.

On the other hand, he threw only 133 and 166 innings in the second season of 1918-1919, which is often classified as the “Dyodo” season. He struck out 49 and 58 as a pitcher. Instead, he hit 11 and 29 home runs.

Otani recorded 35 home runs along with 100 strikeouts this season, beating Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (32) and Fernando Tatis Jr. (30) in the home run category.

Otani fell into a slump immediately after the All-Star break, and was pointed out by baseball player Jang Hoon.k.a baseball player. However, Otani, who sent a message to manager Joe Madden saying, “I’ve recovered my sense of hit,” has been hitting five hits in 11 at-bats (home runs 1) in the last three games.

He is also the most likely MVP candidate of the season. “I’m happy to hear that I’m a candidate for MVP,” Otani said in an interview after the match. However, there are two seasons in which he has not played well. First of all, I want to stay healthy until the end of the season.”

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