Audi Flagship Crossover RS Q8 completed with added performance

Audi Flagship Crossover RS Q8 completed with added performance


Previously, “Q7” had been in charge of Audi’s SUV lineup for quite some time. Under these circumstances, Audi introduced the “Crossover” style of Audi Q8, which is the latest trend, following the Q7, which was refined into the form of an authentic SUV.

Audi Q8 has attracted many people’s attention even before its debut, with its crossover-style design and bolder proposition that is quite different from Q7. In addition, Audi introduced a variety of derivatives based on Q8, offering the value of ‘expanding options’. Today’s main character, RS Q8, is an example of this ‘extension’.

The 600-horsepower heart created by the experience of Audi sports and its various factors, what attractiveness and value does RSQ8 offer?

Audi’s high-performance flagship crossover RS Q8 literally presents a huge physique. A long battlefield of 5,010mm and a wide full width of 2,000mm reveal the ‘existence’ of the vehicle. In particular, the volume itself is quite noticeable, so it feels bigger than the specifications.

Subsequently, 1,750mm of overall height and low ground height reflecting the nature of the crossover were added. For your information, the wheelbase is 2,998mm and the tolerance weight is 2,460kg due to the V8 engine and the Quattro system.

Through the previous Audi Q855 TFSI specification, Q8’s design not only effectively reveals the presence of the giant flagship crossover, but also has a futuristic look similar to the e-tron series in various details. I’ve explained.

The same goes for today’s star, RS Q8. The actual crossover style is well contained, and the e-tron-like appearance continues. Instead, the company boldly presents its presence through various details and changes that contain the sensibility of Audi sports as a high-performance model.

In fact, the front design of the RS Q8 draws attention from the application of “carbon fiber” material that reveals the sensibility of high-performance models based on front ends similar to e-tron rather than Audi in the era of internal combustion engines. The outline of the single frame, and the carbon fiber sufficiently placed at the bottom of the bodykit, are reasonable for 600 horsepower.파워볼사이트

The presence of a “high-performance model” is clearly shown as it differentiates itself from general Q8 in the composition of body kits and various details. For your information, the appearance of the cladding guard will also continue, focusing on the presence of “urban high-performance crossover.”

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