Audi, bigger and more sporty A340 TFSI

Audi, bigger and more sporty A340 TFSI


Audi announced on the 16th that it will start a preliminary contract between “New Audi A3 40 TFSI” and “New Audi A3 40 TFSI Premium.”

The second-generation “New Audi A3,” which will be introduced this time, is a model that features excellent ride comfort, dynamic and efficient driving performance, and a relaxed indoor space. The second-generation “New Audi A3” has a more sporty design, a 4cm longer battlefield than the previous model, a 2cm wider width and a 1cm higher battlefield, with a more relaxed legroom and headroom.

‘New Audi A340 TFSI’ will be released in two trims: basic type and premium. It is equipped with a 2.0L series four-cylinder gasoline direct-injection turbocharger engine and a seven-speed S-tronic automatic transmission, boasting dynamic and sporty driving performance with 204 horsepower, an improvement of about 20 horsepower compared to the previous model. The acceleration time from stationary to 100 km/h is 7 seconds, the maximum speed is 209 km/h, and the fuel economy is 13 km/l based on combined fuel efficiency.

In addition, it is equipped with a variety of functions that can only be seen in full-size segments, such as an infotainment system that boasts more user-centered and high connectivity, upgraded safety and convenience functions and driver assistance systems.

The “New Audi A3” features an elegant and sporty design. It achieved a lower air resistance coefficient than previous generations with noticeable headlights on the front, wide single frame and large air intake, and extended side lines and coupe design loop lines.

Both “New Audi A340 TFSI” and “New Audi A340 TFSI Premium” trims are equipped with chromium window molding, panoramic sunroof, and frameless room mirrors, creating a sporty feel for both interior and exterior designs. The 17-inch 5-spoke wheel and platinum gray inlay are applied to the basic trim, and the 18-inch 5-spoke wheel and S-line exterior package are applied to the premium trim to give a more dynamic impression.

“New Audi A340 TFSI” and “New Audi A340 TFSI Premium” are equipped with various safety and convenience specifications such as “Audi Smartphone Interface,” upgraded “MMI Display,” and “Presence Front.” In particular, the “New Audi A340 TFSI Premium” is equipped with an “Audi Connect” system to provide various information for drivers such as online traffic information services and satellite maps. It is equipped with “10.25-inch Virtual Cockpit” and “MMI Navigation Plus” to allow drivers to operate all vehicle information in an integrated and easy manner.

‘New Audi A340 TFSI’ and ‘New Audi A340 TFSI Premium’ will be released in Korea at the end of July

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