Are you okay with knee arthritis and walking exercises?

Are you okay with knee arthritis and walking exercises?

knee arthritis

Studies have shown that walking exercise can relieve symptoms of knee arthritis.

Researchers at Baylor University in the U.S. examined 1,200 adults aged 50 or older with knee arthritis. The pain was surveyed and radiographs were analyzed.

73% of the participants tried to walk for exercise. The walkers had less arthroscopic stenosis, or cartilage damage, that was found in radiographic imaging. In addition, the percentage of people who answered that they felt less pain was higher than those who did not do walking exercise.

Dr. Grace Law, who led the study, said, “Health authorities recommend exercising such as walking to prevent heart disease, diabetes, and obesity,” adding, “Walking exercise can also relieve pain and prevent symptoms from worsening.” 파워볼사이트

Excessive walking is not desirable for arthritis patients. In particular, it is impossible to climb mountains and stairs, which require a long climb. It is good to walk on flat ground within 30 minutes. In addition, exercise that is less burdensome on joints such as indoor bicycles and swimming is also good. If you feel pain or heat in your joints after exercising, you should take an ice pack and rest and lower your exercise intensity.

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