AOA Kwon Min-ah, delete SNS posts,Seol-hyun, YouTube video preview

AOA Kwon Min-ah, delete SNS posts,Seol-hyun, YouTube video preview


Group AOA is making mixed moves.

Kwon Min-ah deleted all the posts she posted on her SNS on the 25th.

On the other hand, Seol-hyun announced that she would upload her first video on her YouTube channel.

In the aftermath of Kwon Min-ah’s revelation of the AOA bullying case, Seol-hyun had temporarily suspended her activities.

But this time, Seol-hyun announced that she will resume her activities through YouTube channel and Kwon Min-ah disappeared.

Kwon Min-ah revealed on social media that she had been bullied by Jimin for 10 years during her AOA activities since last year, and other members were aware of it but remained on the sidelines.

Recently, he repeatedly stressed that he was a victim of Jimin’s bullying case, even though he was rumored to be two-legged controversy, and expressed his unfairness by revealing traces of self-harm.

Since then, Kwon Min-ah has attempted to make an extreme choice and shocked everyone.

As soon as he regained consciousness, he resumed his social media account and declared a positive response to Jimin and the haters.

He also showed confidence in resuming SNS without self-reflection, saying, “There is no reason to stop SNS.”안전놀이터

However, on the day Seol-hyun announced her first video upload, she deleted all her SNS posts and went into diving mode, drawing keen attention to her future moves.

Attention is focusing on whether Kwon Min-ah will open her mouth again or Seol-hyun will make a different stance on Kwon Min-ah’s argument.

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