An explosion of anger that endured and endured

An explosion of anger that endured and endured Lim Chang-jung, who was white, heralded a blackening

Seo Ha-yan

Seo Ha-yan and Lim Chang-jung were expected to be in conflict due to abstinence.

SBS’s “Dongsangimong 2-You Are My Destiny,” which aired on the 26th, drew attention as the story of Seo Ha-yan and Lim Chang-jung couple’s temperance was heralded next week.

Earlier, Lim Chang-jung declared his abstinence from alcohol in 2022 when he appeared in “Dongsangimong 2 You Are My Destiny” in 2021, saying, “I will stop drinking from January 1 next year.” However, Lim Chang-jung said, “I stopped drinking soju in January and makgeolli in February because I said I would quit drinking in 2022.”Isn’t that right? I can’t drink beer from next month,” he said, failing to quit drinking with a ridiculous excuse

However, Lim Chang-jung once again declared to his wife Seo Ha-yan that he would quit drinking in 2023. Seohayan showed disbelief, saying, “I said that a year ago.” Lim Chang-jung said, “If I drink everything in the refrigerator, I will really cut it off.”

Lim Chang-jung put soju, beer, and makgeolli on top of the table and said regretfully, “I’m sending you guys away.” However, Lim Chang-jung soon started drinking again, saying, “Don’t be sad that you can’t see it, and have a drink.”

Lim Chang-jung was released from the reins and continued to drink, and his wife Seo Ha-yan, who was watching this, said, “Stop drinking. However, Lim Chang-jung made excuses again. “I see the same situation every time,” Seo said. “You have to think about the other person,” he said, and eventually, Seo Ha-yan surprised the surroundings by blackening, unlike her usual friendly appearance, saying, “Do it moderately.”

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