“All new Galaxy products, produced from recycled materials”

“All new Galaxy products, produced from recycled materials”


Samsung Electronics (005930) is going to apply recycled materials to all new Galaxy products by 2025. Waste generated by wireless businesses around the world is recycled to zero waste, and disposable plastic materials are not used in product packages.

Samsung Electronics announced its vision of sustainability, “Galaxy for the Planet,” at “Samsung Galaxy Unpack 2021,” which was conducted online on the 11th.

It announced a blueprint to protect the environment for the sustainability of the Galaxy ecosystem, which leads to Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Tab, and wireless earphones Galaxy Buds from Samsung Electronics’ smartphones such as Galaxy Z-fold 3, Flip 3. “We believe that Samsung Electronics should make efforts to protect the Earth with innovative solutions that match its size, influence and vast Galaxy ecosystem,” said Roh Tae-moon, head of Samsung Electronics’ wireless business department. “Galaxy for the Earth is an important process to build a more sustainable society.”

Samsung Electronics is planning to introduce eco-friendly policies in all processes including production, use and disposal of products by 2025. Through this, the company will take the lead in realizing a natural environmental system that responds to climate change and reuses and recycles resources. First of all, it will apply recycling materials to all new Galaxy products. For sustainable development through resource circulation, the company plans to make efforts to develop innovative eco-friendly materials considering strength, aestheticity, and durability. Samsung Electronics is planning to apply this to mobile products first and expand it to other products step by step by step.

It will also continue to make efforts to remove all disposable plastic materials from product packages. It is planning to remove all plastic materials from product packages by 2025 by eliminating unnecessary elements used in product packages and applying eco-friendly materials. In fact, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 packages, which were released recently, do not contain all plastic materials, but are made up of paper.

Electronics waste generated at production sites will also be gradually reduced to zero landfill waste generated at wireless businesses worldwide by 2025. It is planning to reduce waste by improving manufacturing process and product design process. It also supports the reduction of wireless product waste that occurs when users replace their smartphones. Samsung Electronics has decided to optimize its product life cycle through its own programs such as Galaxy Upcycling, Samsung Certified Used Phone Program, and Compensation Sales Program. In addition, it is planning to reduce standby power of all Smartphone chargers to less than 0.005W and achieve ‘zero standby power’. Currently, all smartphone chargers have a standby power of 0.02W, but it has decided to lower it to a quarter. When chargers are not used, standby power will be kept as low as possible and carbon that can be generated through electricity use will be saved as much as possible.

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