All entertainers belonging to Moco Ent, Kim Hee-jae and Green…

All entertainers belonging to Moco Ent, Kim Hee-jae and Green Bam E&M will be seized.

Kim Hee-jae

While Moco ENT singer Kim Hee-jae and his agency Green Bam E&M (formerly Sky E&M) are in a legal battle, the court approved the provisional seizure of former entertainers from Kim Hee-jae and Green Bam E&M.

On the 9th, Barun, a law firm in charge of Moco Ent’s lawsuit, said that the court has made a quick provisional seizure decision against Kim Hee-jae`s and Green Snake N.M.

On the 5th, the court decided to seize the appearance fees of celebrities from Green Bam E&M for 340 million won, which Moko ENT claimed as direct damage from the cancellation of the concert contract against Green Bam E&M. If the provisional seizure decision is delivered to the third debtor, broadcasters, etc., the payment of entertainers from Kim Hee-jae and Green Bam E&M will be prohibited from then on.

MokoNT was Kim Hee-jae’s second solo concert performance agency, which was scheduled to be held from July 2022. Kim Hee-jae was originally scheduled to perform in Busan, Gwangju, and Changwon, starting in Seoul on July 9, 2022, but 10 days before the performance, Green Bam E&M and Kim Hee-jae unilaterally filed a lawsuit seeking confirmation of the nullification of the concert contract. In response, Mokoiente sued Kim Hee-jae`s and his agency’s deputy representative Kang on charges of “fraud,” and police are currently investigating them.

“Even during the civil lawsuit, Kim Hee-jae and Green Bam E&M had no intention of agreeing on the direct and indirect damages suffered by Moko E&M, and they did not even hear sincere apologies from them,” Moko E&T said. In response, Green Snake decided to inform NM and Kim Hee-jae`s of the strictness of the law with a strong withdrawal and to prevent absurdity between companies, he said. “As a party to the case, Kim Hee-jae`s has not said a word so far,” he said. “We are trying to summon Kim Hee-jae`s as a witness or suspect in civil and criminal proceedings, and we will continue to take stronger legal steps.”

“During the first and second trial dates, MokoNT’s legal representative faithfully tried the trial with two opinions and evidence, but Green Bam E&M’s legal representative was judged to be on trial a day before the trial, so he applied for seizure of former entertainers from Green Bam E&M.” After that, we will respond with stronger measures such as secondary seizure and criminal proceedings,” he stressed. “It was Kim Hee-jae and Green Bam E&M who proceeded with the lawsuit first without any intention of smoothly agreeing on a civil lawsuit before filing a civil lawsuit, and also announced the failure of the concert at Green Bam E&M first through a media press release. “I hope you keep in mind that Green Bam E&M and Kim Hee-jae started the unfair destruction of the concert contract first,” he said. “Kim Hee-jae and Green Bam E&M will do their best until the end as the lawsuit has been filed, and Kim Hee-jae is now a person who directly sealed the concert and Chinese management.”

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