Ahn Sung-hyun, suspected of renting Kang Jong-hyun’s…

Ahn Sung-hyun, suspected of renting Kang Jong-hyun’s vehicle name…YU RI used to belong to Bucket Studio

Ahn Sung-hyun

Attention is focusing on the relationship between Chairman Kang Jong-hyun, who was suspected of being the real owner of the virtual currency exchange Bithumb, and actor Sung Yu-ri’s husband and Ahn Sung-hyun, a standing military coach for the national team.

On the 12th, Dispatch, an entertainment media outlet, raised suspicions that Chairman Kang Jong-hyun’s family, which drew attention after being embroiled in rumors of a romantic relationship with actor Park Min-young, made a circular investment in Bithumb Korea through Initial Co., Ltd., First Investment, Bucket Studio, Inbiogen, Bident, and Bithumb Holdings.

However, Chairman Kang Jong-hyun insisted that he was only a credit delinquent and had nothing to do with the management of Bithumb. In particular, he explained that living in a luxury villa in Hannam-dong worth 10 billion won and riding a supercar worth hundreds of millions of won, known as Dispatch’s report, were all “borrowed from a friend.”

Suspicions of lending a name were raised as the name of Chairman Kang Jong-hyun’s vehicle in Mybach was confirmed to belong to coach Ahn Sung-hyun. This is because not only does the vehicle have a license plate that starts with “8” like Chairman Kang Jong-hyun’s other vehicles, but Chairman Kang usually uses the vehicle.

According to Dispatch, he was a member of “Beat Galaxy,” the predecessor of “Initials,” which was embroiled in allegations of circular investment by coach Ahn Sung-hyun’s family. It was also known that coach Ahn Sung-hyun invested 600 million won in “Vident.”

Suspicions have also been raised that not only coach Ahn Sung-hyun but also actor Sung Yu-ri may be related to the business of Chairman Kang Jong-hyun’s family.

Sung Yu-ri returned to the JTBC entertainment program Camping Club and signed an exclusive contract with Bucket Studio around 2019. Currently, Sung Yu-ri belongs to Initial Entertainment, which changed its name from Double A Entertainment, known as a new entertainment company.

Meanwhile, Bithumb officially denied its connection with Chairman Kang Jong-hyun. Bithumb said in a press release on the 30th of last month, “We have not held the title of ‘Chairman’ except for former Chairman Kim since its inception, and Kang, mentioned in media reports, has not served as an employee or been involved in management.”

“I also emphasize once again that all businesses, including Bithumb’s exchange and platform operation, are operated under the responsibility of Bithumb Korea’s management,” he stressed.

Park Min-young, who was embroiled in rumors of a romantic relationship with Chairman Kang Jong-hyun, announced her breakup the day after the report. In addition, Park Min-young’s biological sister resigned the next day after she was listed as an outside director in Inbiogen, a company known to be actually owned by Kang.

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