After all, LCS got the worst report card ever

After all, LCS got the worst report card ever


North American LCS, which suffered the humiliation of losing all of the first round, eventually fell without rebounding in the second round.

LCS recorded a total of 3 wins and 15 losses in the 2022 World Championship (LOL World Cup) group stage, which ended on the 17th (Korea time). This is the worst performance LCS has recorded since 2014 when the round of 16 group stage system began. Amid this slump, even the theory of the LCS crisis is emerging.

Although it has been evaluated as the lowest among the four major regions (LCK, LPL, LEC, and LCS), it has shown its potential. In 2014, two teams, Team Solo Mid (TSM) and Cloud 9 (C9), made it to the quarterfinals. In particular, C9 passed the group stage for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018, and in 2018, it advanced to the semifinals and showed good performance.

Although they were sluggish as they were eliminated from the group stages in 2019 and 2020, C9 advanced to the quarterfinals again due to the strong performance of “Pucks” Luka Percovic last year. This year, however, it collapsed disastrously. The three teams recorded 3 wins and 15 losses, and this record is the worst performance in LCS history, surpassing 5 wins and 13 losses in 2019.

LCS’s problems in this LOL World Cup were more prominent not only in his performance, but also in his poor performance. Despite the sluggish competition, he has shown his potential by catching LPL teams once in a while based on his unique solid hit. This time, however, he did not win a single game against LCK and LPL teams.

The only three wins recorded by LCS are two wins against LEC teams, which showed the worst slump in the second round, and one win against CTBC Flying Oster of PCS, a non-major area. As a result, doubts are growing over LCS’s status as the four major regions. In the end, there are even voices saying that the right to advance to the LOL World Cup will be reduced to two. 토토사이트

Of course, LCS was not letting go to make up for its poor performance. In the meantime, they have tried to make changes such as recruiting stars from other regions with a large amount of money or introducing a championship queue to improve the quality of their solo rankings. However, if “Core Load” Cho Yong-in and others fail to resolve the “lack of practice” they have mentioned through various windows, it will not change much next year.

The LCS hit the bottom in this LOL World Cup. Therefore, rather, conditions may be prepared to start again with a new mind. Can the LCS change next year in the face of a head-on crisis?

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