Aespa Winter Controversy over Cat → Hamster Abuse

Aespa Winter Controversy over Cat → Hamster Abuse…Where are the other 24?

Aespa Winter

Winter, a member of girl group aespa, has been under fire for animal abuse controversy.

On August 31, Winter had a time to communicate with fans through paid fan community services. Among them, Winter’s conversation about his experience raising hamsters in the past became known through online communities and SNS, raising criticism that it was animal abuse.

Winter said he had 25 hamsters when he was a student. The first two were adopted, but the number later increased to 25. He said, “I decided to raise only one friend who is sick, so I raised only one.”

Among Internet users, the prevailing opinion is that the number of highly reproductive hamsters may have increased to 25. As a result, there was strong criticism that Hamsters, a territorial animal, had significantly increased stress to handle, raising hamsters without prior information and displaying them proudly.파워볼사이트

It also doesn’t mention the other 24 hamsters, but remains unaccounted for.

Winter has already been embroiled in a controversy over animal cruelty once in a cat video. In the video in question, Winter reacted violently, rubbing the cat strongly. As the cat avoided the touch with an uncomfortable look, Winter loudly mimicked the cat’s cry. The video showed the cat running away from Winter.

Internet users are talking about whether or not to abuse animals against cats and hamsters, but there have been a series of disappointing responses to animal-related rumors.

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