Actor Lee Hye-ri x Park Se-wan casted the cheerleading

Actor Lee Hye-ri x Park Se-wan casted the cheerleading movie “Victory” on the spot.

Actor Lee Hye-ri

Korea’s first cheerleading film “Victory” confirmed the casting of nine high school cheerleading team “Millennium Girls,” including Actor Lee Hye-ri and Park Se-wan, and cranked in on March 4. [Provided/Distributed: Mindmark Co., Ltd. | Production: Annapurna Film Co., Ltd. | Director: Park Bum-soo]

The movie “Victory” is a story of a heated cheering match with dance and music at the end of the 1999 century with cheerleading club “Millennium Girls,” which was formed only for dancing by the school dance duo “Pilseon” (actor Lee Hye-ri) and “Mina” (Park Se-wan).Actor Lee Hye-ri and Park Se-wan, as well as Cho Ah-ram, Choi Ji-soo, Baek Hi, Kwon Su-na, Yeom Ji-young, Lee Han-joo and Park Hyo-eun, will gather as “millennium girls” to raise expectations.

First of all, Lee Hye-ri, who was loved by the whole nation as Deok-seon in the drama “Reply 1988” and gained a solid position as an actor through various works such as “Living Together,” “Pansori Boxer,” and “Thinking of the Moon When You Bloom,” plays the role of “Phil-seon,” a high school student who accidentally opened her eyes to cheerleading, leading the center of the play. Park Se-wan, who showed an impressive performance through the movie “Yook Sa-oh” and “Life is Beautiful” last year, will play the role of “Mina,” her best friend in “Pilseon,” signaling a crazy chemistry with Actor Lee Hye-ri.

In addition, Cho Ah-ram, who started his career as an actor through the drama “Murder’s Shopping List,” plays the role of “Se-hyun,” a transfer student who came to Geoje after working as a cheerleader in Seoul, and has a tense war of nerves with “Pilseon.” On top of that, Choi Ji-soo, who is building filmography by participating in “Boy Judge” and “Chosun Psychiatrist Yoo Se-pung 2,” Baek Hi, who is active in various web dramas such as “Goddess Kangrim” and “I’m Thirty But Seventeen,” as well as Kwon-na, who is active in various movies, dramas, and commercials, Yeom Ji-young, Lee Han-joo, and Park Hyo-eun, have joined the team.

Director Park Bum-soo, who wrote and directed “Single in Seoul” and “Red Carpet,” took the megaphone, drawing attention by drawing cheerleading materials in earnest for the first time in a Korean film. In 1999, the story of the cheerleading team Millennium Girls, set in a small village in Geoje, is expected to bring back memories of high school, which were more pleasant and brilliant than ever, as well as recreating the late-century culture that stimulates retro sensibility.

Victory, which confirmed the casting of nine “Millennium Girls” filled with fresh energy, is continuing its full-fledged filming starting with a crank-in on March 4.

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