Actor Jeon Do-yeon in “Gil Bok-soon” turned into a legendary..

Actor Jeon Do-yeon in “Gil Bok-soon” turned into a legendary killer…Revealed on March 31st.

Actor Jeon Do-yeon will meet viewers around the world as a mother and special A-class killer “Gil Bok-soon.”

Actor Jeon Do-yeon

Netflix, a global video streaming platform, has confirmed the release date of the movie “Gil Bok-soon” (director Byun Sung-hyun) on March 31st and released the first poster and trailer. Attention is drawn to Jeon Do-yeon’s performance as Gil Bok-soon, who leads a double life between a special A-class killer and a single mother.

The film is an action movie about Gil Bok-soon (played by Jeon Do-yeon), a legendary killer in the contract murder industry, who is caught up in an inevitable confrontation just before renewing his contract with the company. Director Byun Sung-hyun of “The World of the Bad” took the megaphone.

The poster released on the same day attracts attention as it contains Gil Bok-soon, an A-class killer belonging to MKent., the best company in the contract murder industry, and various weapons he uses.

Gil Bok-soon, a killer with a 100% success rate of completing the requested work and a single mother raising her teenage daughter Jae-young (played by Kim Si-ah), decides to leave the company to break down the wall with her daughter, who seems to have a secret ahead of the renewal. Gil Bok-soon’s silhouette in a blood-colored suit and a bag full of weapons causes tension.

Along with this, the trailer begins with the appearance of Gil Bok-soon, a mother called Jae-young’s mother at a parent social gathering. Gil Bok-soon’s “What a contradiction,” who hides his job because he works for an event company. The line “Being a mother while doing this stimulates curiosity about what kind of story will unfold in the future.”

In addition, Gil Bok-soon, who met MKent CEO Cha Min-kyu (Seol Kyung-gu) and director Cha Min-hee (Lee Som), who recognized Gil Bok-soon’s talent at a glance and made him a special A-class killer, draws attention by revealing a completely different visual from what was shown earlier.

On top of that, the appearance of Han Hee-sung (Koo Exchange), a killer who belongs to MKent., who is A-class in ability but is not recognized for some reason, raises questions about their relationship.

Earlier, “Gil Bok-soon” drew attention when it was officially invited to the special section of the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival. Expectations are rising for the synergy that trustworthy actors will create, such as director Byun Sung-hyun’s solid directing skills and actor Jeon Do-yeon, Seol Kyung-gu, and Lee Som-gu Exchange.

“Gilboksoon” will be released on March 31.

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