Aaron Carter dog is shocked and scared

Aaron Carter dog is shocked and scared

Aaron Carter dog

Shepard Zelda, who Aaron Carter loved, is under good care.

According to TMZ on the 20th (local time), Zelda, now three, lives with relatives of Aaron Carter’s fiancee Melanie Martin.

A day after Carter was found dead in the bathtub aged 34, Melanie’s sister Jennifer Martin and her fiance Max took Zelda.

“I think I was shocked when Zelda was found,” the couple told TMZ. “I’m acting nervous and scared.”

Meanwhile, Taylor Helgesson, Carter’s former manager, told Page Six that “cyber violence has slowly destroyed him over a period of time.”

“The constant hate Carter received was like a nightmare,” he said. “They didn’t stop, they were so ruthless. It has had too much influence,” he said.

Meanwhile, Aaron Carter became the lead singer of his group Dead End at the age of seven, and became famous at the age of nine when he performed solo at the Backstreet Boys concert in Berlin, Germany.

He rose to stardom with his first single “Crush on You”. Her second album, “Aaron’s Party,” sold more than 3 million copies.

Nick Carter, 42, of the Backstreet Boys, was involved in various incidents and caused controversy.

Nick Carter said, “I will miss my brother more than anyone I know. I love you. You finally found peace there that you couldn’t find in this world. “God, please take good care of your brother,” he mourned.

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