A super sports car that’s about to end, Audi R8 V10.

A super sports car that’s about to end, Audi R8 V10.

Audi R8

The R8 V10 performance is a mid-ship super sports car with impressive design and performance. It is also Audi’s last internal combustion engine, Super Sports Car, which is about to switch to electric vehicle manufacturers. The R8 production line at the Necazulm plant will soon be replaced by a line for the RS e-Tron GT.

Design is futuristic. The low and wide Honeycomb radiator grill, the V10 engine over the glass, a sharply cut carbon rear spoiler, a wide rear diffuser from side to side, and a large black twin pipe at both ends are combined. All the capabilities of Audi design are melted, differentiated. Parts that double the image of “high performance” such as Audi Exclusive Carbon Exterrory Package, carbon side mirror cover, and carbon engine component cover were also used. Lift-up systems are not supported. The ride height is higher than expected, so there is no problem. The underground parking lot with a deep angle of entry can also be moved without difficulty.파워볼사이트

If you turn your eyes to the inside, you will see a 12.3-inch digital cluster, multi-function steering wheel, and exclusive sports seat. The 12.3-inch digital cluster features a large tachometer with a good list of torque, lap time, engine and transmission oil temperatures. When an iPhone is connected to a USB terminal, Apple CarPlay comes out and the speedometer and the tachometer wrap around it. The D-cut multifunction steering wheel includes engine start stops and drive select buttons. Paddle shifters mounted behind the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock spokes are not much different from the A4’s plastic pulling taste. It’s a shame to think about the price of the car. Exclusive sports seats in Napa leather support the body well when moving loads, although they are quite comfortable and thick. The capacity of the prunk is 112L, but it’s almost full with one 50L bag.

The engine is the same as the Lamborghini Urakan LP610-2. It is a V10 5.2L gasoline intake machine that has a maximum output of 610 horsepower and a maximum torque of 57.1kg·m. Nevertheless, the price is more than 40 million won cheaper. It is cheaper than 911 Turbo S with a six-cylinder turbo engine. It goes without saying that its price/performance is excellent. Acceleration is hot. The 7-speed dual clutch transmission quickly sends the engine’s power to four wheels. At once, the narrower vision and the loud roar behind the head make me nervous. It takes only 3.1 seconds to reach 100 kilometers per hour when stationary, and its maximum speed reaches 331 kilometers per hour.

The drive select button is located on the steering wheel at 8 o’clock. Chassis settings are changed to ride, normal, dynamic, and indivisual modes whenever a button is pressed. Among them, the ride mode provides comfort comparable to the sedan. It is comfortable enough to make you think, “Is this really a super sports car?” It runs calmly, gently filtering out large and small bumps. Even if you ride for a long time, you will not be tired, so long-distance travel is not burdensome.

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