350-horsepower four-door coupe, Audi S7 TDI

350-horsepower four-door coupe, Audi S7 TDI

Audi S7 TDI

The latest trend in the automobile market is to reduce the proportion of diesel vehicles and prepare for the coming era of electricity. Nevertheless, diesel models for the “present” are still emerging, attracting consumers’ attention.

Audi S7 TDI, a high-performance diesel model introduced by Audi, is also a vehicle that emphasizes this characteristic. The excellent 350 horsepower performance of the TDI engine and the charm of the premium four-door coupe are combined.

What kind of attractiveness and efficiency does Audi S7 offer?

The core of Audi S7 is the output and efficiency presented by TDI engines.

In fact, the V6 3.0L TDI engine with a maximum output of 350 horsepower and 71.38kg.m under the bonnet is enough to attract public attention. This combines the 8-speed Tiptronic Transmission and Audi’s Quattro System.

This configuration allows the Audi S7 to accelerate up to 100 km/h in just 5.1 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 250 km/h. For your information, the efficiency is very high with an authorized fuel efficiency of 12.0 km/L (city center: 10.7 km/L speed: 14.1 km/L).

In order to drive freely with Audi S7, he moved to World Cup Park via Gangbyeon Expressway as usual. The trip computer was reset and started driving freely.

We looked at the situation on the freeway with the driving market, and not many vehicles were seen, raising expectations for the driving results. For your information, in this free ride, all sections were driven in “auto” mode to examine the nature of the vehicle.

He stepped on the accelerator pedal of the Audi S7 TDI to speed up to 90km/h, the speed limit of freeway.

It is showing the presence of the “high-performance diesel” model as the development of output that is quite thick and intuitive is added. For your information, the fact that you can enjoy a cool sound when you change the driving mode is another attraction of the Audi S7 TDI.

For your information, the Audi S7 TDI attracted attention as the error of the instrument cluster was more than 1km/h even when driving at 90km/h based on GPS. In addition, the transmission chose an 8-speed gear ratio, and RPM remained at about 1,200 RPM.

One of the attractions of Audi S7 TDI is that it has many sensory elements applied to Audi’s “technology-drawn interior space.”

In fact, the Infotainment system, which consists of colorful virtual cockpit and two display panels in the interior space of the Audi S7 TDI, is sufficient to attract everyone’s attention and provides excellent satisfaction in functional aspects.안전놀이터

In addition, the S logo of the steering wheel and red leather, which provide the value of high-performance models, are added to increase sensuous satisfaction. The sound system is also equipped with Bang and Olufson sound systems to further enhance spatial value.

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