2K announces release of ‘WWE 2K22’ in March next year

2K announces release of ‘WWE 2K22’ in March next year

WWE 2K22

2K and Visual Concepts announced that they will release their professional wrestling game series “WWE 2K22” in March 2022 at the “WWE Summer Slam 2021” held last weekend.

‘WWE2K22′ aims to deliver impressive experiences with new controls, amazing graphics and redesigned engines.

During the development process, 85% of the players in the game went through face scans to create much more realistic and improved person modeling, capturing more than 3,400 new animations.

A video of gameplay was also released. Not only WWE superstars Rey Mysterio, but also Roman Reigns, Goldberg, Bayley, Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, The Miz, Sheamus, and Nakamura Shinskae.

Also, screenshots of WWE Superstar Edge’s costumes, fireworks and stage lighting will be released, raising fans’ expectations.토토사이트

More details will be released in January 2022, and information on “WWE 2K22” can be found on the official website or by following Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels.

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