TWICE CHAEYOUNG wearing a Nazi-patterned T-shirt

TWICE CHAEYOUNG wearing a Nazi-patterned T-shirt Sorry for not recognizing you


Chaeyoung of the group TWICE apologized for wearing Nazi-patterned T-shirts.

Chaeyoung said on her Instagram on the 22nd, “I sincerely apologize for the post. I didn’t really recognize the tilted swastika in the shirt I wore,” he said.

Chae-young, who bowed her head and said, “I’m sincerely sorry that I couldn’t confirm this even though I should have looked closely,” emphasizing, “I’ll pay absolute attention to this in the future so that I don’t bother many people with this situation.”

Among the photos released earlier on Instagram, Chae-young was controversial because she was wearing a T-shirt with Nazi patterns, and her Instagram was flooded with comments from overseas fans demanding an apology. In response, Chae-young quickly explained and apologized, saying, “I’m sincerely sorry.”

Meanwhile, TWICE, which includes Chaeyoung, released its new mini-album “READY TO BE” on the 10th and is continuing its active activities.

It will also launch its fifth world tour “READY TO BE” in April and continue its steep global growth. Starting with the second Seoul concert at KSPO DOME (Olympic Gymnastics Stadium) in Songpa-gu on April 15 and 16, the concert will be held in Sydney, Australia, Melbourne on May 6th, Osaka on 13th to 14th, Tokyo on June 20th to 21st, Oakland on 16th, Dallas on 21st, Houston on 28th, July 2nd, Toronto, Canada, and Atlanta on July 9th

Towns and Edwards could return to Atlanta on the 23rd

Towns and Edwards could return to Atlanta on the 23rd


The Minnesota Timberwolves are looking for a power recovery during the week.

According to Shams Carania of The Athletic, Minnesota’s “Special K” Carl-Anthony Towns (213cm, 112kg) and “Ant-Man” Anthony Edwards (Guard, 193cm, 102kg) could return.

The two are expected to play in the home game against the Atlanta Hawks as early as the 23rd (Korea Standard Time). Towns said the situation was finalized last week and that he could play this week if possible. Edwards was feared to be seriously injured, but was classified as injured on the day.

Minnesota is looking forward to a power recovery. If they return at the same time, they can seek to advance to the playoffs right away. Because it can give you a big break in an attack. If those who have to lead the attack from inside and outside come in, Minnesota may aim for the playoffs without going through a play-in tournament.

However, breathing is the key. Towns was sidelined during the season. Has not played for a considerable period of time, and has not been able to work properly with Rudy Gobert while playing early in the season. It can be said that they matched hands and feet, but their performance was not good. In the meantime, Minnesota sent out Russell (Lakers) as DeAngel ahead of the trade deadline and brought in Mike Conley.

He brought not the guard who had played with Towns, but Conley, who had played with Gobert until last season. The intention was to organize the roles of existing players and distribute attacks through Cory, who has a lot of experience as well as running the game. Minnesota, however, has repeated its losing streak and winning streak, adding only two more wins in its last seven games. I have a busy way to go 파워볼게임

Minnesota is ranked eighth in the Western Conference with 36 wins and 37 losses so far this season. However, the gap with sixth place in the conference is only one game, so it can be narrowed at any time. If Towns and Edwards join in earnest right now, it will be a power that will not only advance to the maximum playoffs on its own but also continue to pass the tournament at least

Jeon So-min’s careful kiss is not easy What’s the difficulty

Jeon So-min’s careful kiss is not easy What’s the difficulty

Jeon So-min's

Actor Jeon So-min complained of the difficulty of kissing.

Jeon So-min released a picture of her lip stamp on canvas on March 21, calling it a “stamp” on her personal Instagram story.

The scattered lip stamps filled one canvas before you knew it, and Jeon So-min said, “Careful kisses are not easy.” “It’s complete as it is regrettable,” he said, expressing his difficulty and regret. I am curious about the use of the work completed by stamping the lips.

Meanwhile, Jeon So-min appeared in the dramas “Show Window: The Queen’s House” and “Cleaning Up,” which ended last year.

Jeon So-min is also loved as an entertainer by appearing on SBS entertainment show “Running Man.” “Running Man” overseas fan meeting in Manila, Philippines, on April 1st

Lia a member of girl group ITZY

ITZY LIA’s face of youth


Lia a member of girl group ITZY, started her first solo pictorial.

Lia, who is hosting the world tour “CHECKMATE,” revealed moments like a break. In the photo shoot released on the 22nd, Lia revealed her youth energy with her unique stuttering face under natural light, not stage lighting

In an interview conducted after the photo shoot, Lia expressed ITZY’s feelings about their first world tour. Seven months after the tour began, he said, “At first, it was awkward to travel from place to place in a large concert hall. However, I definitely enjoyed interacting with fans in every corner. There is also a way to release physical strength,” he said.

Lia said, “In many cities where I went on a tour, even if I wasn’t hungry, I diligently ate delicious food, saying, ‘You have to eat this.'”

As for the moment when ITZY still feels “just like us,” he said, “We are always trying to spread healthy and positive energy, whether on stage or in daily life,” adding, “The energy generated when five people gather together is good.” “Even if it’s small, there are many moments when we feel happy among ourselves,” he said.

When asked if he is enjoying the moments in front of him properly, as in the message of his most recently released title song “Cheshire,” he said, “I think I’m living hard. The fact that those feelings are deeply touched when you are in trouble or happy seems to be proof that you are truly walking. I hope we can run more leisurely in the future based on our best steps,” he said

I’ll give you the money, so please get out

I’ll give you the money, so please get out Ferguson kicked out the player in his prime after the transfer


Manager Alex Ferguson kicked it out. However, the heyday has come after the transfer.

British media Telegraph introduced an interview with Irish soccer player Paul McGrath on the 21st (Korea Standard Time).

Mcgrath played for Manchester United from 1982 to 1989. Ferguson was a member when he first took charge of Manchester United.

McGrath’s most memorable match was the 1994 World Cup match against Italy. But McGrath was nearly taken off his football boots by Ferguson before that.

“I watched that game about 150 times,” McGrath recalled. At that time, Italy was a favorite led by Roberto Bazio. Ireland won 1-0. McGrath recalled, “I scored in the 8th minute of the first half and I thought I had to endure 82 minutes.”

Telegraph said, ‘McGrath’s career could actually have ended five years before the U.S. World Cup. Ferguson offered McGrath retirement because of drinking problems,’ he said.

“Director Ferguson called me into the room,” McGrath said. He wants me to stop playing soccer. He said he would give 100,000 pounds (about 160 million won) if he quit soccer and returned to Ireland. It was quite a lot of money. “I thought a lot about it,” he recalled.

But McGrath did not want to retire.

McGrath said, “I spoke to Brian Robson (Manchester United captain). I thought I could still do something more in football. Actually, I think I acted a little too much. So Ferguson tried to get me out. I just got a call from Aston Villa. I didn’t miss that opportunity.”

Mcgrath moved to Aston Villa in 1989 and played until 1996. Aston Villa has been in the mid-range since the 2000s, but has won second place twice during McGrath’s time. McGrath also won the Player of the Year award selected by players in the 1992-1993 season.

McGrath said, “I didn’t get along well with the other players. There was a lot of shy. It took a while to get to know each other people. So it was really special to receive an award chosen by the players,” he said 사설토토사이트

Cocoon won the prize at the world’s top three performance festivals

Cocoon won the prize at the world’s top three performance festivals


The new concept gag idol “Cocoon” was praised at the Adelaide Fringe in Australia, one of the world’s top three performance festivals, and stood as the vanguard of K-comedy.

Content producer Yoonso Group said on the 20th, “Cocoon won the 4th Week of Adelaide Fringe Weekly Awards in Australia.”

Cocoon held a performance combining K-pop and comedy at the Adelaide Art Theater in Australia from the 6th to the 18th and met with audiences who visited Adelaide.

The “Adelaide Fringe Weekly Awards,” which Cocoon won, is an award given to outstanding performances among 1,200 teams participating in the festival by a panel of art industry leaders and art lovers.

Cocoon’s performance, which was selected as a “must-see event” by Adelaide Fringe experts, was performed in English from beginning to end. Cocoon practiced several times to enter the English-speaking world even before participating in the Adelaide Fringe, and received help from experts to get closer to the English-speaking audience.

Audiences who watched Cocoon’s performance praised it as “a show with many things to see” and “a high-quality show that the whole family can watch together.” In particular, when Cocoon performed a K-pop medley at the end of the performance, there was an unusual scene in which all audiences stood up and enjoyed together.

Comedian Yoon Hyung-bin, who leads Yoonso Group, said, “Kokun has already made a successful debut in the Japanese market,” adding, “Kokun’s goal is to be at the forefront of promoting K-comedy to the world. “I will be a comedian who travels around the world, not only in Korea but also in Asian English,” he said.

Meanwhile, the gag idol Cocoon is an all-around entertainer group that debuted in July 2018, consisting of five members who combine good looks, excellent wit, acting and singing skills. Based on his young comedy style, he also performs music activities.

Morant was absent from the game against Dallas

Morant was absent from the game against Dallas on the 21st after the disciplinary action.


The Memphis Grizzlies are not with the ace right now.

According to Mark Stein of The Stein Line, Memphis’ Zamorant (191 cm, 79 kg) will not return soon.

Morant was scheduled to return in a home game against the Dallas Mavericks on the 21st (Korea Standard Time). He was suspended for eight games for unnecessary behavior, and he can play on that day. Morant, however, will be away on the day.

Memphis did not immediately include Morant in the squad even though his disciplinary action was over. While he was out, he had to reflect on his behavior and reflect on his behavior through counseling, making it difficult to maintain his performance. Therefore, it is understood as a process to take time to check your physical condition more and return to a state where you can run again.

The delay in Morant’s return may be regrettable for Memphis. But it’s important that he returns to his normal state. If Morant returns completely and draws the attack, the number of power leaks that have occurred is expected to be significantly reduced. He played 32.5 minutes per game in 53 games before missing this season, recording 27.1 points (.463.316.744) 6 rebounds, 8.2 assists, and 1.1 steals 안전놀이터

Meanwhile, Memphis had difficulty configuring power while Morant was not running. Steven Adams, who was due to return later this month, is still sidelined, and Brandon Clark has ended the season. On top of that, as Morant caused a stir, three major players were excluded. Still, Memphis has harvested five wins, including a recent winning streak, in eight games without Morant.

Yuju keep an empty stomach 3 hours before you sleep

Yuju keep an empty stomach 3 hours before you sleep Protect your larynx


Singer Yuju showed various charms.

In the “Singles” pictorial, Yuju wore a dress with a unique design and pulled off a humorous and four-dimensional visual concept.

Yuju’s album, which broke the gap for the first time in more than a year since her solo debut and made a comeback with her mini album “O,” is under the theme of “Each’s life itself is a travel path,” and the entire album has a flexible story like a travel essay.

Regarding the title song “Without U,” Yuju introduced, “It’s an indispensable word for you, who can be your loved one, your parents, or your friend.”

Yuju’s management method, which is known to be thorough in her usual self-management, is faithful to her routine. There are separate routines for voice control, vocalization, and breathing, such as humidity control and balloon flower juice intake, and the most important rule of these is to protect the larynx by maintaining an empty stomach three hours before going to bed.

Meanwhile, Yuju’s visual pictorial can be found in the April issue of Singles and the website of Single Plus.

Crazy situation anger explosion criticism of how to lose

Crazy situation anger explosion criticism of how to lose the red card while pushing the referee and protesting


He pushed the referee and protested strongly. The ending was a red card.

British media Daily Mail said on the 20th (Korea Standard Time), “Fulham received three red cards in a minute against Manchester United. There was a crazy moment for Aleksandar Mitrovich to referee Chris Cavanagh. He was immediately sent off after pushing the referee,’ he reported.

Fulham lost 1-3 in the quarterfinals of the 2022-2023 English Football Association (FA) Cup against Manchester United at Old Trafford in Manchester on the 20th. Fulham took the lead with Mitrovich’s first goal in the set-piece situation in the fifth minute of the second half. However, the situation changed rapidly when Willian’s handball foul was declared in the 25th minute of the second half.

The Daily Mail said: ‘The referee conducted a video review (VAR) to confirm the situation. In the process, Marco Silva Fulham was sent off for shouting at the referee. After checking VAR, the referee took out a red card for Willian. After seeing this, Mitrovich pushed the referee and criticized him. My colleagues had to stop Mitrovich 토토추천

Roy Keane from Manchester United said, “It was a crazy 90 seconds. That’s why they lost. It was not Manchester United winning, it was Fulham’s way to lose. They blew their chances,” he accused.

Brad Pitt Jolie settles down for the first time since divorce

Brad Pitt Jolie settles down for the first time since divorce but prepares to marry Ines

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is ready to settle down with his girlfriend Ines de Ramon, who is 30 years younger than him, foreign media reported.

On the 19th (Korea Standard Time), U.S. entertainment media Radar Online quoted a source as saying, “Brad Pitt is preparing to settle down with a woman for the first time since his divorce from Angelina Jolie.”

“Brad Pitt and Ines have been telling everyone that they are crazy about each other,” the insider said. “Brad is clearly open to taking the next step. The same goes for Ines.

In particular, Brad Pitt has already introduced Ines to his closest friends. Foreign media said, “Innes even met some of Brad’s family through online video chat. “The 30-year-old age gap has not been a problem so far,” he said.

Ines is also interested in music, fashion, travel, and art like Brad. Brad Pitt is also rumored to be asking Ines for advice on his business and so on.

Brad Pitt also has more energy since he started drinking, and he especially likes Ines because he has many physical advantages and amazing body shape.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt’s current girlfriend Ines de Ramon, who is 30 years younger than him, is a vice president of a famous jewelry brand in the U.S. and was engaged in 2019 to Paul Wesley, famous for his American “Vampire Diary,” but broke up in September last year. The divorce case has recently come to an end.