No exclusive contract has been decided with Hyuna Park Jae-beom

No exclusive contract has been decided with Hyuna Park Jae-beom who left Psy’s arms


Will singer Hyun-ah and singer Park Jae-beom be in the same boat?

Park Jae-beom’s agency MORE VISION officially announced on December 9th that “nothing has been decided” on whether to sign Hyun-ah’s exclusive contract.

Hyun-ah and Park Jae-beom reportedly met recently to discuss the exclusive contract, but nothing has been confirmed.

The two have been trainees at JYP Entertainment. Park Jae-beom and Hyun-ah debuted as members of the group 2PM and Wonder Girls, respectively, but after leaving the team, they moved to their agency and continued their solo career

Hyun-ah appeared in the music video of Park Jae-beom’s full-length album “WORLDWIDE” (Worldwide), which was released in November 2015, and worked with Park Jae-beom in acting.

Meanwhile, Hyun-ah nestled in her ex-boyfriend, singer Dawn, and Psy’s agency Fination in January 2019. The exclusive contract with Fination expired in August this year, three years later, and he is working without an agency.

He also broke up with Dunn. On November 30, Hyun-ah announced on her official SNS that she had decided to end her relationship with Dunn and remain a good friend and colleague.

Hyun-ah and Dunn have dated since 2016 and started dating publicly in August 2018

Red Velvet’s Joy is a close-knit lingerie look

Red Velvet’s Joy is a close-knit lingerie look She’s hip but sexy

Red Velvet

Red Velvet Joy showed off her beauty.

Joy posted several photos on her Instagram on the 6th, along with a post saying, “The outfit that ReVeluv liked the most♥♥.”

The released photo shows Joey, who is giving off decadent beauty. Joey, wearing a black slip mini dress and an overfit jacket, is shooting a giddy look at the camera

In another photo, he is sitting in bed showing off his lovely charm. It’s still Joe posing chu, barely clad in an outer. The stretched legs also caught the eye 부산출장마사지

Meanwhile, Joy’s group Red Velvet released their new mini-album “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday” on November 28 and made a comeback with the title track “Birthday.”

Chuu even though LOONA is kicked out you’re so cute

Chuu even though LOONA is kicked out you’re so cute Na Taejoo is so nice


The recent status of singer Chuu has been revealed.

Singer Na Tae-joo posted on her Instagram on the 9th, “Hello, Kim Ji-chu and Chu-kkumi, who are so nice.” Taekwondo class is over. See you on YouTube at 6 p.m. ♥. Chuu. Chuu. Na Taejoo. Protect Chu. I want you,” and two photos.

The released photo showed Na Tae-joo with Chu. Chu is wearing a taekwondo uniform and smiling brightly. In addition, his unique cute expression makes him forget his recent worries such as being kicked out of LOONA.

Fans who encountered the photo showed various reactions, including “I’m rooting for you” and “Taeju oppa is cool.”

Meanwhile, Blockberry Creative, the girl’s agency of the month, recently reported the news of Chu’s removal. Regarding the reason for Chu’s exit, the agency said, “There was power abuse and abusive language toward the staff.”

Since then, Chu denied the allegations of abuse and power abuse on his Instagram story on November 28, saying, “I have not been contacted or known about a series of situations, so I am aware of the situation, but what is clear is that I have never done anything to embarrass the fans.”

Why did Son Heung-min appear in the quarterfinals

Why did Son Heung-min appear in the quarterfinals of England, France?

Son Heung-min

Mauricio Pochettino wrote a column ahead of the match between France and England. Speaking of England’s core Harry Kane and France’s core Kylian Mbappe, he mentioned Son Heung-min (30, Tottenham Hotspur).

The British media ‘HITC’ said on the 9th (Korea Standard Time), “France will clash with England in the quarterfinals of the Qatar World Cup on the 10th.” “It is no exaggeration to say that Kane and Mbappe are the core and center of the England and France national teams, respectively,” he pointed out.

Pochettino told the global sports media ‘The Athletic’ column about Kane and Mbappe. Pochettino coached Kane when he was at Tottenham and has experience of using Mbappe as Paris Saint-Germain coach.

“Kane and Mbappe really like soccer. I like to talk about football and tactics. Both players have a brain that truly understands soccer.”

If Kane and Mbappe play in a team, there will be a tremendous synergy effect.” Pochettino said, “This is why I think it would be very good to see Kane and Mbappe play together. The two players are perfectly compatible. Kane will be able to feel the bond with Son Heung-min at Tottenham, he said.

As Pochettino said, Kane and Son Heung-min are the ‘two-top of the soul’. He showed fantastic teamwork at Tottenham and broke the most joint goals in Premier League history that Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba had 파워볼사이트

However, it was almost impossible for Kane and Mbappe to play in one team. It is possible only when one player transfers. Pochettino also wrote, “The sad reality is that it is not.”

“Tottenham will not sign Mbappe,” HITC said. Even if Tottenham sell Kane, they are less likely to join the same team as Mbappe. Mbappe was once strongly connected to Real Madrid, but now Real Madrid has a young team centered on Vinicius and Endrick, he pointed out.

“It’s hard to imagine Kane wanting to transfer. Kane and Mbappe playing together is mouth-watering, but it probably won’t happen,” he left to his imagination

Is Jefferson KCC leading the upward trend

Is Jefferson KCC leading the upward trend that slowly reveals its true value?


Jefferson is shining more and more.

Jeonju KCC Aegis won 84-76 against the Goyang Carrot Jumper in the second round of the 2022-2023 SKT A-dot Professional Basketball Regular League at Goyang Gymnasium on the 8th.

KCC started the season with Laguna’s partner, Ronde Hollis Jefferson. Although it was regrettable that the reunion with Tyler Davis failed, much attention was paid to Jefferson, who has a spectacular career that has not been common in KBL.

Jefferson played as a starting pitcher for the NBA Brooklyn Nets in the 2017-2018 season and scored an average of 13.9 points. Although his height is not big, his fans had high expectations for him because he has quite good individual skills.

However, Jefferson’s adaptation to the KBL stage was not smooth. Because he was late to join, he had less time to work with his team members, and his understanding of the league was not completely achieved. The KCC team itself was shaken by a series of injuries.

Jefferson, who had a lot of concerns, was transformed into a player who did his part after the middle of the second round. Jefferson, who has averaged 16.4 points in the last five games, is steadily accumulating double-digit scores in games that have taken more than 10 minutes to play.

– But Hollis Jefferson’s sexual change
First round: 8.2 points, 4.7 rebounds, 38.0% of fieldwork, 41.5% of paint zone fieldwork success rate
Second round: average 12.8 points, 4.8 rebounds, field pitching rate 46.7% paint zone field pitching success rate 59.3%

Not only has his condition improved than the first round, but he also has a deeper sense of stability in his play. There has been a noticeable reduction in ineffective attack attempts. There are more scenes of pursuing steady scores than mid-range games or excessive breakthroughs. The increase in the success rate of paint zone field pitching by nearly 20% is the driving force behind the rebound in the second round.

In the match against Carrot, he scored 17 points and 6 rebounds, taking the lead against one-option foreign player Didrick Lawson (7 points), who mostly matched up. In the middle of the fourth quarter, when the team was chased to the bottom of the chin, he helped Lee Seung-hyun score with a calm pass and was responsible for scoring again. Active participation in the swift attack, which is an advantage, was also frequently seen throughout the game.

Coach Jeon Chang-jin also smiled at Jefferson’s performance. Coach Jeon said, “Jefferson did a good job today. He made a high-probability attack and participated in the rebound. He praised Jefferson, saying, “I had a lot of quick attacks because I had good transition skills.”

If Jefferson releases the attack at his recent pace, KCC will get thousands of troops and horses. KCC, which was one of the reasons for the sluggishness at the beginning of the season, is the silence of foreign players. Coach Jeon expressed satisfaction after the game, saying that Ra Gun-ah and Jefferson both played their roles.

Despite his great performance, Jefferson showed humility, saying, “I just did my part.” Will NBA leaguer Jefferson, who is slowly showing his claws, be able to continue his performance in the next game?

What happened in the last 13 seconds?

What happened in the last 13 seconds? The shock of GSW Kerr


He had a four-point lead with 13 seconds left in the game, but gave up the game by making absurd mistakes in a row. The impact of Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr seemed significant.

The Golden State Warriors lost 123-124 against the Utah Jazz in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season at the Utah Vivint Arena on the 9th (Korea Standard Time). With the loss, Golden State suffered its 13th loss (13 wins) of the season and fell into a swamp of consecutive losses.

The defeat on the day is somewhat shocking for Golden State. It is said that he lost after going to the ninth ridge of the victory. With 13 seconds left in the game, Golden State was leading by a two-position difference of 123-119 points. If the game was played normally, it was a difficult score difference to lose.

However, one mistake in defense and one mistake in offense caused a big butterfly effect. Golden State allowed Nickel Alexander Walker to break through with nine seconds left in the game, but Clay Thompson missed his markman as he went on an unnecessary help defense. Alexander Walker delivered a kick-out pass to Malik Beasley outside, and the game was one point apart as Beasley scored a three-point shot.

A more fatal mistake remained in the ensuing attack. After calling a timeout, he ordered an inbound pattern on the court in front of Golden State, and Jordan Poole allowed Alexander Walker a steal as soon as he received the pass, which led to Simeone Pontezio’s come-from-behind goal just a second before the end. Golden State, who made two mistakes at the most important moment, suffered a 123-124 come-from-behind defeat.

The atmosphere at the press conference after the game was bad. Asked what happened in the last 13 seconds, Steve Kerr said, “Didn’t you see it yourself? Are you asking me that?” he responded nervously and said, “We couldn’t keep the ball. They took the game. It’s a pity,” he said.

“The players lost even though they did a lot of great things. We didn’t close the door to victory properly. He had to protect the ball as hard as a stone and be smart in defense. Nothing was done in the last 13 seconds.This kind of game comes out once or twice a season. It’s a game that makes you think, “What the hell happened?” as you leave the stadium. How did you let that happen…I said 토토사이트

Golden State, which suffered a shocking defeat, aims to escape its losing streak against the Boston Celtics on the 10th

What kind of filler would be good?

What kind of filler would be good?


Fillers fill the face or body to fill the insufficient volume, and depending on the ingredients, collagen, calcium, and hyaluronic acid are the types. I’m looking at the safest way to use hyaluronic acid. No, why didn’t you do something wrong? It’s a substance originally in the strength skin of our joints, and it contains an average of 15 grams of adult material. It is safe to dig out because it is a substance inherent in the human body

There is a product called hyaluronidase that can be melted if there are side effects. What do you think? If you’re right to fill it up and there’s a volume you don’t want, I think it’s a side effect. If I don’t like it, if I inject a desire that doesn’t melt into something I don’t like, it can’t be 5, it’s almost impossible

If you don’t like the filler because of the melting ingredients, I’m sure you can return 100% with hyaluronidase. Therefore, hyaluronic acid can be said to be an ingredient, and mice are absorbed within a few days, which increases the sustainability and viscoelasticity of the killer, making it difficult to melt the filler. Each company manufactures fillers in its own way and releases them on its own products. I see. Hyaluronic acid is safe. It needs to be resolved.

I can tell if the filler is good or not, but I don’t think there’s much difference in my experience. There’s not much difference because domestic products come out well these days. I think it’s been a long time since a good filler was released, and many directors use it, so I mainly use stable products. Personally, the filler is a sophisticated procedure, so I prefer good results when filming. In short, it’s like shooting a filler. Each one has different saliva and injections. I prefer fillers that go in smoothly

Lotte Cinema Superplex Advanced…

Lotte Cinema Superplex Advanced…Slippers provided in booth-type couple seats

Lotte Cinema

Lotte Culture Works announced on the 6th that it has renovated Superplex, a large premium theater at Lotte Cinema World Tower in Seoul, for the first time in eight years.

The move is aimed at strengthening the characteristics of a high-end movie theater by improving the 34-meter-wide screen, sound system, and seating space.

First of all, the screen has been upgraded so that all seats can enjoy the movie with uniform brightness in consideration of the bending of the screen.

Behind the screen, Shaker, an equipment that compensates for light tremors, was installed at the highest level in Korea, and a 4K dual laser projector with twice the brightness and image quality of ordinary laser projectors was introduced.

The Dolby 136 Package speaker based on Dolby Atmos has been installed so that sound can be evenly delivered to all audiences.

Lotte Culture Works explained that it installed the largest baffle system in Korea (a barrier-shaped structure used to increase the effective length of the radio wave path between the two points of the acoustic system) to reduce reflection sound.

The seats were reduced from 628 to 295, half of the previous seats, allowing the audience to watch the movie in a wider space.

In the front row, a fluffy “bin bag” style seat filled with fillers to change its shape according to the user’s posture and a “sofa bed” that can be laid down like a bed when unfolded.

The normal seat was replaced with a recliner that can adjust the angle of the backrest or footrest.

In the seats in the area called “sweet spots,” recliner with ergonomic technology was installed, and side tables, wireless chargers, and bag hangers were provided.

The second floor couple’s seat in the form of a balcony has been replaced with a booth-type seat (studio seat) that completely separates space from other visitors, and has a reclining sofa and a sound control system.

Water and indoor slippers are provided to users of sweet spots and studio seats.

Lotte Culture Works also plans to renew its superplex at other Lotte Cinema branches such as Eunpyeong (Lotte Mall), Dongtan, Suwon (Suwon Station), and Paju Unjeong.

Choi Byung-hwan, CEO of Lotte Culture Works, said, “The newly renovated Superplex will provide a completely immersive viewing environment that has never been experienced before,” adding, “We will create a new theater culture.”

“Maple Story” collaboration teaser video with BLACKPINK…

“Maple Story” collaboration teaser video with BLACKPINK will be released

Maple Story

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced a collaboration project with “MapleStory” and global artist BLACKPINK on the 6th and released a teaser video.

The teaser video released shows BLACKPINK members talking about their thoughts, experiences, and items they have about “MapleStory” fashion and passionately suggesting various ideas while participating in the development of “Maple Story” fashion items.

Nexon plans to release the first and second main episodes in the teaser video.

The first episode features the process of identifying the “MapleStory” coordination trend as BLACKPINK members speculate on the user selection results of the “2022 Maple Coordination Tournament” in advance.

The second episode plans to showcase the process of designing collaboration items by BLACKPINK members themselves.

Will the New York Times strike on the 8th…

Will the New York Times strike on the 8th…the key to the six-day negotiations

New York Times

About 1,000 journalists from the New York Times’ labor union will enter into major negotiations to decide whether to go ahead with the strike on the 8th.

According to foreign media such as the New York Post on the 5th, labor and management will negotiate on wage increases, medical insurance, and pensions from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the 6th.

Bill Baker, the union chairman of the NYT, sent a memo to the management on the 2nd and said, “We will strike for 24 hours and stop working if there is no deal for a complete and fair contract by the 8th.” More than 1,100 union members, including journalists, photographers, and management officials, signed it.

However, as it seems unlikely that the negotiations between the two sides will be concluded eight days ago, observers say that the main work of the NYT could be suspended for the first time since 1978.

The management proposed giving additional compensation of $32,103 over the next two and a half years to union members who earn $120,000 a year. In response, the labor union protested, saying that the wage increase under discussion would be an annual average of 2.75 percent, which falls short of inflation costs.

The union also claimed that the NYT’s earnings from its $150 million share purchase in February exceeded the cost of raising wages and benefits. “We’ve been negotiating in good faith with management leading to inferior contracts for the past 20 months,” Baker said. “It’s time to stop. “Now we have to take it seriously that the company has a fair deal,” he said.

However, some people doubt whether employees will choose a full strike. The NYT protested in the newsroom at lunchtime in 2011 over wages and in 2017 over plans to fire editors.