Premium hatchback ‘DS 4’ pre-contract…

Premium hatchback ‘DS 4’ pre-contract…

DS 4

DS Automobile (DS) will hold a pre-contract from the 28th before the official release of the new genre’s premium C segment hatchback “DS 4.”

According to DS, the DS 4 is the fourth model released by the DS brand in the global market after the DS 7 crossback, DS 3 crossback, and DS 9, and is a strategic model that has been put into the world’s popular premium C segment market.

DS stressed that the stylish interior space, which features a new genre of exterior design that seems to combine a coupe-type SUV and hatchback with a unique handmade finish, is a fantastic combination, reminiscent of a piece of art.

The front of the DS 4 presents a sense of luxury in France, and a diamond-patterned hexagonal grill called DS Wings connects the headlamps and the grill to complete an overwhelming presence. Compared to the car body, the bonnet and loop line maximize a sleek image by presenting dynamics based on aerodynamics. The 19-inch aluminum wheel meshed with the compact body supports smooth driving.

The interior is reminiscent of the luxury materials that show the essence of French luxury and the luxury of Haute Couture created by a stubborn craftsmanship. The balanced combination of Kiyose techniques (exquisite intaglio surface decorations used by watchmakers), Alcantara materials, and wood reveals DS’s design philosophy that aims for sophistication.

Door trims are designed in consideration of ergonomics by each element such as door handles, window switches, and vents designed integrally. The DSE-Toggle Switch, which replaces the existing gear transmission, has optimized space utilization as well as design. DS Air (AIR), an innovative air conditioner without external vents, has secured optimal efficiency while increasing the design autonomy of the dashboard.

DS4, which will be officially released in Korea next month, is equipped with a 1.5 Blue HDi diesel engine and consists of two trims, ▲ Trocadero ▲ Rivoli, depending on convenience and safety items.

MINAMINO, bench again. I chose the wrong team

MINAMINO, bench again. I chose the wrong team


I thought I was running freely now, but it’s a thorny road even before the start. The life of Minamino Takumi (27) in France is not smooth.

Minamino left Liverpool for AS Monaco. Liverpool struggled in its own way, contributing to winning this season’s cup tournament, but it was not enough to push out world stars. Eventually, Monaco takes on a new challenge.

Monaco took 100 million euros (about 136 billion won) in the transfer window this summer by sending French midfielder Aureliang Chouameni to Real Madrid. Since he will play in the Champions League next season, he will reportedly use the funds to strengthen his strength.

“Monaco is after Paulo Dybala,” West France reported. Dybala broke up with Juventus and is a top striker with many big clubs eyeing him. Andrea Bellotti (Torino) was also on the list.

Upon hearing the news, Japan’s Tokyo Sports said on the 28th, “Monaco is already at the forefront of Visham Ben Yeder, who ranked second in scoring with 25 goals this season. At the back, there are offensive lines such as Kevin Polant and Sophia Diop. Minamino is not an absolute key player. There is a possibility that he will lose his chance to play again,” he said. 안전놀이터

Maybe… Deft Kim Hyuk Kyu’s “Last Dance”

Maybe… Deft Kim Hyuk Kyu’s “Last Dance”


“Deft” Kim Hyuk Kyu’s last dance that might be the last. Kim Hyuk-kyu, who has been praised as the best long-distance dealer since his debut, had no connection with winning the LOL World Cup. He has once again begun a beautiful challenge with his teammates who are showing their best performance this season.

DRX won 2-0 in Guangdong in two games on the second and fifth days of the 2022 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) summer split at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 26th.

Now that he has won consecutive games, Kim Hyuk-kyu said, “I haven’t felt good because I haven’t contributed much to the team. I’m happy that I think I contributed to a certain extent today.” He then mentioned the disappointing situation, saying, “There were many situations where I could play more when I made a manual pick, but I couldn’t.”

Asked if he felt less pressure than the spring season due to stronger upper body liners, he said, “It’s definitely less when it comes to winning games. However, even if they won the game, they often did not show a perfect appearance in the bottom area. Maybe that’s why I feel a little more pressure in the winning game,” he said honestly. Kim Hyuk-kyu then thanked the coaches for their efforts, saying, “The coach and coach are working very hard outside the game along with the players,” as a reason to continue winning consecutive games this season.”

Kim Hyuk-kyu, who has always been eager to win the LOL World Cup since his debut. He clearly expressed his desire to achieve his dream with the current members. If we didn’t have greed for the LOL World Cup, we wouldn’t have started it. Everyone’s final goal is set there,” he said, signaling that the players are united to win the LOL World Cup.

The season that might be the last. “I’m not quitting because I don’t want to quit, so I’ll find out how to continue, but if there’s no way, this season will be Mazamic,” he said calmly. He then said, “I wanted to erase the regrettable memory of leaving DRX at the end because I decided to spend the last season with DRX. Also, I chose this team because this is the team where the current members can gather,” he said.

However, the competition is also very difficult within LCK. However, since there are many teams that play in the LPL, I think I have to do much better than now to achieve my goal,” he said calmly. He also said, “The first thing to do is to perform well against strong teams.”

DRX will face Liv Sanbak and T1 in Week 3. Kim Hyuk-kyu said, “I think I have a lot of details missing. If I don’t supplement this part, it will be a difficult game,” he said, adding, “In the case of Liv Sanbak, there were many games that led the game to the second half and turned the tables.” I think we need to prepare well so that we don’t make mistakes in the battle,” Deft said.

“Keria is showing the best performance in the game, but I think she may have an unexpected pick because she researched a lot in terms of semi-pick,” he said adding, “I think we should take these parts into consideration.” 토토추천

Finally, he said, “Thank you so much for always supporting me. I will prepare well so that I can show good performance against strong teams,” he said in an interview with his fans.

“Apink first unit.” Cho Rong X Bo Mi, a twin concept photo

“Apink first unit.” Cho Rong X Bo Mi, a twin concept photo


Group Apink’s Cho-Bom (Cho Rong Bo-mi) unveiled the first concept photo of the unit’s first debut album, “Copycat.”

On the 27th, the agency IST Entertainment released a concept photo of the “copy” version of Apink’s Cho Bom (Cho Rong Bo Mi) single album “Copyat” on Apink’s official SNS channel.

In the concept photo released, Park Cho-rong and Yoon Bo-mi caught the eye with their twin-like appearance in blue nature. They dressed up in black tones and blonde and bold accessories, showing off their visuals like fairies, raising questions about the concept of Shinbo.

Apink’s Cho Bom will release her first single album “Copycat” on July 12. “Copycat” is a word that means a person who imitates and copies, and Cho Ki-sam will transform into a cute and mischievous impersonator to provide a lively and refreshing charm that is different from what he has shown. At the same time, it also means that the two, who pride themselves on being “soul mates,” always capture the heart and action of identifying each other.

Apink has confirmed its first unit “Early Spring” in 11 years since its debut and heralded a different charm, drawing attention from global K-pop fans.

Com2us Group Participates in World’s Largest Creator Event ‘Bidcon 2022’

Com2us Group Participates in World’s Largest Creator Event ‘Bidcon 2022’


Com2us Group participated in the industry session of “Bidcon 2022,” the world’s largest creator event.

Com2us Holdings announced on the 28th that Com2us Group participated in “Bidcon 2022” and shared the vision and direction of “C2X NFT Marketplace” with the C2X blockchain platform. Com2us Group made an announcement under the theme of “WEB3 & NFTS: THE NEXT LEVEL ENGAGEMENT OF FANS” through Bidcon’s industry session on the afternoon of the 24th (local time in the U.S.). Director Michael Lee and manager Kim Hong-seok participated in the session with the hosting of Scott Chavez, senior brand manager of Com2us USA.

In the announcement, which lasted about an hour, many content producers and media content company officials who visited the site shared actual operational examples of the C2X NFT Marketplace, including the vision of the C2X blockchain platform. The “C2X NFT Marketplace,” which opened in April, has successfully sold K-pop group “Very Berry,” “The Girl of the Month,” and JTBC’s dance survival entertainment program “Showdown” NFT.

Based on its operational experience, Com2us Group introduced the differentiated convenience of “C2X NFT Marketplace” and shared opinions on monetization of NFT-based content and ownership sharing by creators and media companies. Through various questions and responses from officials who visited the site, high interest in the growth potential of the “C2X NFT Marketplace” was confirmed.코인파워볼

Bidcon, which was held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California from the 22nd to the 25th, is the world’s largest creator festival that began in 2010, and YouTubers, creators, media companies, and MCN from around the world participated. This year, the short form platform “TikTok” was the main sponsor, and an industry session was also set up to share key policies, success stories and trends of various global media content companies.

TWICE SANA, the beauty that luxury brands love

TWICE SANA, the beauty that luxury brands love

Twice Sana

Rub Twice Sa na showed off her lovely beauty.

On the 20th, Sana uploaded several sponsored cuts of luxury company P on her Instagram with the message “Sunshine Day.”

The released photo shows Sana posing in colorful poses under the hot sun like the text.

Sana’s unique lovely and luxurious beauty catches the eye.

Meanwhile, TWICE, to which Sana belongs, recently finished a world tour concert.

They met with global fans starting in Seoul last December.

Through this performance, it set a record as the first K-pop girl group to enter a North American stadium, perform three consecutive times at Tokyo Dome, and achieve a sell-out.

T1 trying to surpass SKT’s record again

T1 trying to surpass SKT’s record again


T1 has won 22 games in a row. There is only one match left until SKT’s 23 consecutive wins in 2015. “Faker” Lee Sang-hyuk, who is still in his position, revealed that his willingness to practice and develop steadily continues.

T1 won one game in the first week and fifth day of the 2022 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) summer split at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 19th.

Lee Sang-hyuk, who said, “I won the match against KT today, but I’m sorry that my performance is not as good as I thought.” He said, “There were many mistakes and my concentration in the situation of engagement was not good,” referring to the mistakes and concentration as a regret.

This summer season, he often shows how he overcomes disadvantageous situations with Baron. Regarding the opponent’s surprise hunt, Lee Sang-hyuk said, “It is most important to read the opponent’s psychology well,” and talked about psychological warfare such as “There may be cases where the ward is not intentionally erased, and liners may show their faces on the line.”

He also said that the biggest advantage that a disadvantaged team can gain when it succeeds in hunting Baron could buy dealers’ growth time. Lee Sang-hyuk said, “The biggest advantage of a disadvantaged team succeeding in hunting Baron is that it buys time,” and added, “We focus on growing dealers by buying time in disadvantageous situations.”

On the same day, T1 won 22 consecutive matches with KT. There is only one step left before the 23 consecutive wins recorded by SKT T1 are broken by Faker and the players of the renewed T1. The players are making good results. I think it’s a good opportunity, and that’s how much I work harder,” said Lee Sang-hyuk. However, when asked if he was giving personal meaning to the winning streak, he said, “It’s not giving much meaning. It is more important to boost performance,” he stressed.

Asked if there was anything different from the past, he said, “The willingness to practice steadily and develop is similar then and now,” revealing that he is still trying.

He also reported that there is still a lot to supplement as a team. “It’s a lot less than a spring,” he said. Lee Sang-hyuk, who analyzed the current team, said, “The spring season was much better than now because it was before the Corona issue.” I think this summer season will be a little more difficult because there are many things that are lacking because the form has not returned properly yet,” he said, expressing his thoughts that it will not be an easy season. In order to overcome these difficulties, he said, “It is important to manage your condition well and practice hard.”

The solo rank champion recommended by Lee Sang-hyuk to League of Legends users is Mid Sinjid. “I recommend it because the indicators are good,” he said, explaining the reason for recommending the champion. I think it’s possible to use it as a sun pick in a low section. In the case of items and runes, it is good to refer to the pledges that have been made,” he added.

T1’s goal is to win the league and international competitions. Lee Sang-hyuk said, “Of course, my goal for this season is to win. In addition, the biggest goal is to show good performance because I haven’t won the international competition recently,” he said.

Finally, he finished the interview by sending a message to the fans, saying, “I will try to continue my current momentum until the next game.”

Juventus to Stop Selling Paulo Dybala Uniforms

Juventus to Stop Selling Paulo Dybala Uniforms

Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala (29) and Juventus’ long companion met a bitter finish.

Britain’s “The Sun” said on the 19th (Korea Standard Time), “The official Juventus store pulled Dybala’s uniform off the sales shelves. “I’m about to move to Inter Milan, Juventus’ archrival,” he said.

Dybala will wrap up his seven-year relationship with Juventus this summer. He has been wearing a Juventus uniform since 2015, but he fails to renew his contract and leaves the team. Dybala shed tears against Lazio, saying this was his last home game for Juventus.

But Dybala’s next destination shocked Juventus fans. He is now set to move to rival Inter Milan. Dybala had already spoken to Inter Milan Vice Chairman Javier Sanetti earlier this month.

Juventus is also quickly preparing for a breakup with Dybala. Juventus have already stopped selling Dybala’s No. 10 uniform.

On the other hand, similarly, Federico Bernardeski, Giorgio Kielini and Alvaro Morata shirts, whose contracts expire at the end of this month, are still on sale. Regardless of the expiration of the contract, only Dybala uniforms were excluded from the sale.

Local media in Italy suggested Dybala’s trip to Inter Milan. Football Italy pointed out that Juventus fans and Juventus clubs must have felt betrayed by Dybala’s decision. It also added speculation that it was to quickly give Paul Pogba his number 10, who is about to return 안전놀이터

BLACKPINK Jennie and Smokey freckle makeup

BLACKPINK Jennie and Smokey freckle makeup


BLACKPINKJennie revealed their recent status.

Jennie, a member of the group BLACKPINK, posted several photos on her Instagram on the morning of the 20th.

The photo released together this time shows Jennie adding freckles to her dark smoky makeup.

Above all, Jennie is showing off her sexy charisma, attracting the attention of viewers.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” music video exceeded 1.6 billion views on YouTube at 3:17 a.m. on the 19th.

It’s been 3 years and 2 months since it was released on YouTube.

As a result, Black Pink became the first K-pop artist to have two music videos with more than 1.6 billion views.

“Kill This Love” is a song mainly composed of strong lead brass and magnificent drum sound. 토토사이트

Peugeot new emblem, “New Peugeot 308” for the first time

Peugeot new emblem, “New Peugeot 308” for the first time

Peugeot new emblem

Peugeot will start pre-contracting for the third-generation model of its flagship hatchback “New Peugeot 308” on the 20th.

The New Peugeot 308 is the first completely changed model in nine years and the first Peugeot new car released since Peugeot Citroen (PSA) and Fiat Chrysler (FCA) were integrated into the Stellantis brand.

Peugeot’s new emblem was first installed on the front.

Weekly driving lights in the shape of a lion’s canine give a sophisticated impression while emphasizing brand identity.

Long bonnet lines, dynamic character lines, and loop lines that get lower as they go back create a sleek silhouette.

The full LED rear lamp embodies the claws of a lion, the symbol of Peugeot.

The interior is equipped with a 10-inch high-resolution center screen.

The hatchback-like practicality was utilized as the best-in-class trunk space.

In addition, Peugeot’s latest safety and convenience items were applied.

New 308 will be officially released in early July with two trims: Allure and GT.

Peugeot new emblem 파워볼사이트